3D Mini Me's ...for when "All I want for Christmas is YOU"

Finding the perfect gift for loved ones can often be tricky, made all the harder when they live interstate or overseas. Having spent 6 years away from my family, I know first hand how terrible it feels to miss family get-togethers and special occasions….especially at the pointy end of the year.

The idea of creating a 3D Mini Me model brought a smile to my face. It’s a cute and quirky way of being in two places at once, and letting those you can’t be with know that you still care. When Officeworks invited us to trial their new state of the art 3D printing technology, I was intrigued to see how it all worked.

It’s a fun, quick and easy exercise whereby you stand in a small room (similar to the now illegal stand up tanning beds) covered in tiny cameras which capture every inch of your body (a frightening thought when pregnant!) The end results is a Mini Me model made from a powder material which can take pride on a mantel or occupy an empty table setting on Christmas day.

My boys love to marvel at their own Mini Me’s, however please note that they are fragile and not suitable every day handling ….or pretend play!

How can I get my own 3D mini me?

It’s actually easier than you might think. Simply head into the 3D Experience Centre within the Officeworks building at 271-275 Russell Street, Melbourne and speak with one of the friendly staff members.


Tips to nail your 3D mini me!

1.     Wear something “Authentically You” 
For my boys it was their favourite football kit (Tevita) and superhero costume (Maikeli.) Being 31 weeks pregnant I opted for something I felt comfortable and confident in...the latte cup accessory was a no brainer!  Also avoid finely detailed accessories and black clothing which are difficult to 3D print.

2.    Decide on the SIZE of your model
When selecting your Mini Me size, take into consideration whether or not your model will be displayed next to other Mini Me models. In order to have an adult Mini Me appear larger than a child Mini Me, select a size up for the adult model. We selected the size small model (100mm) for both my boys and the medium model (150mm) for mum.

3.     Stay still
The scanning/image capturing process takes a mere 10 seconds, however for an active toddler this can be painstakingly long! Tomasi (aged 3) failed miserably at standing still, even when I attempted to hold him, he couldn’t help bopping his head along to the scanning noise. After three failed attempts, mum posed solo. Sorry kiddo, maybe next year!

4.     Wait Patiently
Officeworks will email you once your 3D printed Mini Me model is ready for collection. Allow roughly 10-14 days. 

Mini Me gift ideas:

Send to a loved one in-lieu of your presence or family members living interstate/overseas
Wedding memento or cake toppers
Personalized décor for a child’s room
Keepsake for: 1st day of school, 21st birthday, Graduation, Engagement, Pregnancy etc …

For more information visit Officeworks.com.au

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