Valentines Day commemorates third century saint Saint Valentine of Rome on February 14 and has since been associated with a tradition of courtly love. 

To mark the occasion, my hopeless little romantic Tomasi took his special little lady Gigi from the Kids Fashion Blogger on a romantic brunch date. The perfect date required the perfect setting and for Melburnians in the north-west, you simply cannot go past the newly established Mister Hoffman's Cafe. Gorgeous decor, friendly staff, delicious menu, amazing coffee and a delightful courtyard made Mister Hoffman the ideal first date cafe. 
Dressed to impress in new season Sudo Kids (available instore this coming week, online from Feb 22) our little love birds sipped baby chino's and nibbled on cookies under the watchful eye of their future mother-in-laws. 
The talented Lisa Frieling was also on hand to capture this momentous occasion and provide some beautiful material for their future engagement party! ;)   

Tomasi's top Courtship tips

1. Arrive early, find the perfect table and wait patiently for your date to arrive.

2. Be courteous, accompany her to the counter and let her order whatever she wishes. Make recommendations to show her you care. 

3. Pay her a compliment, "your hair looks great like this" or perhaps comment on her outfit. 

4. Show affection in a subtle manner, try a playful touch. Ear tickles work well! 

5. When the moments right, present her with an unexpected gift - flowers, chocolates etc, she'll appreciate the gesture.

6. Make her laugh, whatever it takes, find a way! 

7. Make sure she's the only girl in the room you have eyes for

8. Before the date is over, let her know you had a wonderful time and invite her on a second date, perhaps a dinner date or something a little more spesh!  


C X 

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