Sleek, Safe and Seats 7 - the family car you need!

When we first learned our 4th child was 'onboard', our initial excitement (and shock) quickly turned to "we need to upsize everything immediately." To be completely honest, David and I were convinced our baby-growing days were behind us, so naturally it took some time to get our heads around the idea of four kids...and returning to nappies! But it wasn't just us who struggled with our imminent reality - almost everyone around us mentioned the inevitable 'family car upsize' within minutes of hearing our happy news! No pressure!   

Although a necessity, we didn't rush our 'Tribe's Taxi' decision. Nesting hormones were in overdrive and I was adamant we needed to test drive every 7+ seater vehicle on the market - some of which I couldn't steer out of the dealerships due to their sheer size...not my finest motoring moment. 

After we narrowed it down to two SUV models we compared all the features (and pretty pictures) side by side. Safety, drivability, comfort, style and affordability were key factors in our decision making process. The Holden Trailblazer topped our list and has since become known as the Tribe's Taxi. 

Between my five boys (David included) our schedule is incredibly busy....especially during 'peak' school holiday periods. The Holden Trailblazer delivers a smooth drive every time. It's incredibly easy to manoeuvre and comes with all the creature comforts and tech a busy soccer mum could possibly need (and desire!.) It holds a 5 star ANCAP safety rating (the highest possible) and reduces the likelihood of a collision with state of the art technology - 'Forward Collision Alert' and 'Side Blide Side Alert' are my BFF's. 

If you're keen to find out more, click here or visit your local Holden dealership.

Now buckle up, sit back and enjoy Episode 1 of the Tribe's Taxi! 

Carla x  

p.s - The Trailblazer was designed by a mum of two (and her team of engineers), so you can trust all bases have been covered! ;)