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As parents we always want the best for our little ones and would do everything in our power to ensure they put their best foot forward. One of the most daunting transitions I've found as a mother is when your child progresses from pre-school (kindergarten) to 'the real deal' Primary School.  I remember walking Tevita into his first day of prep with a million questions racing through my head "is he ready?", "will he make friends?", "have I done enough to prepare him for his day?" the list goes on..... 

....And it doesn't stop there. Now with two children in lower primary and one completing kindergarten, I'm always on the lookout for ways I can best support their classroom learning at home.  As a teacher I've witnessed the positive correlation between understanding the coursework and student confidence, so by aiding the process at home, I know I'm contributing to a happier more engaged student at school. One method I've found to be highly effective is the use on interactive games, puzzles and quizzes to revise classroom fundamentals in a relaxed and fun setting. Gone are the days of mundane rope learning, there are now SO many specialist educational products available focussed on pre and primary school learning.

Officeworks has always been my one-stop-shop for back to school supplies and now the newly refurbished Officeworks Fitzroy stocks a huge new range of educational resources aimed at pre and primary school needs. There are literally hundreds of hands-on activities available with a focus on developing skills across science, art, numeracy and literacy verticals. The range includes puzzles, time and letter games and coin counting activities, all handpicked to offer fun, learning and creativity for children.

Getting the chance to be one of the first to have a look at the new range was an offer I didn’t want to pass up!

Given my boys are all at different developmental stages, the resources we selected varied in difficulty and subject matter. For Tomasi - my pre-schooler - we focused on puzzles and letter games to strengthen his knowledge of the alphabet. To assist his tactile learning, we also invested in Fun Buttons - a threading activity which also lends itself to discussing colours and counting. 

Maikeli, who is currently completing prep, instantly recognised Beat the Bear Bingo on the shelves at Officeworks Fitzroy from his classroom activities. "Mum, can we get this game, we use this in our reading groups!" It's reassuring to know the products stocked at the store are endorsed and utilised in the classroom too, and refreshing to see him so excited about learning consonants and phonics. Money well spent! 

Tevita - in year one - loves to be challenged with his learning and was keen to test himself with Time and Money themed activities. The Time Flip Chart is a great way to learn how to read the time and understand the different ways in which time can be displayed. The analogue handles make the activity interactive and further consolidate time concepts. 

We also invested in a secondary Time game "Tell the Time" which uses place cards and picture cards to teach both digital and analogue time telling skills. The game has been designed to link with National Curriculum Maths and can be played by up to 4 players. In fact even my youngest attempts to 'match the times' using the colourful images and keep up with his big brothers!

Money is another key interest area which the boys wanted to explore. Although they are yet to tackle money values in class, I felt the Money Snap Game would be a great introduction for them. Basically the game encourages participants to recognise, understand and add money values. It comes with both digital values and graphics of coins so players can snap whenever the two different cards equal the same amount. The boys have taken to this game really well and continue to strengthen both their understanding of monetary values and addition skills. 

If you're looking for ways in which you can nurture your little one's learning, be sure to head into Officeworks Fitzroy where you'll discover a wide range of early educational resources at the lowest prices. Also great gifts for school parties and Santa’s sack!

Officeworks Fitzroy is located at 230 Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy.



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