Exploring cultures and cuisines with kids and woolworths!

Living in Melbourne, cultural diversity is all around us. In fact, 1 in 4 Australians are born overseas and more than 300 languages are spoken across Aussie households.
Our family unit is multicultural and our boys are extremely interested in finding out more about their cultural make up. My husband migrated to Australia from Fiji as a child and I’m a second generational Italian-Australian.

Our weekly food plan reflects our diversity (particularly mum's Italian roots) with the majority of our dinner dishes stemming from recipes passed down from my Sicilian grandmother’s….or ordered from our local La Porchetta!
A typical dinner at Casa di Rodan consists of a pasta dish (gnocchi napoletana, spinach and feta cannelloni, ravioli and lasagna are popular) served with bread and an Italian salad. Lunchtime is a little less gourmet, with the boys alternating between salami and mortadella sandwiches with pitted olives and cheese. We also eagerly look forward to celebrations at my in-laws house where we are treated to authentic Fijian banquet (think mouth watering curry's, fresh seafood, spice infused noodle dishes and lots of coconut milk!) and well as desserts to die to for.   

We take great pride in our heritage and love to see our boys embrace their own cultural background as well as learn about new cultures.

Woolworths latest collectibles range, World Explorers, has been a HUGE hit in our household (and is even more addictive than the infamous Aussie Animals cards!) 
What I love most about this informative collectibles range is that the kids are so enthralled in the process of discovering new cultures and matching explorer stickers to countries on the world map, that it actually doesn’t feel like learning at all! 

Launched in partnership with National Geographic Kids, this fun and interactive activity encourages Little Explorers to try their hand at cooking exotic dishes as well as learn quirky facts about their international neighbors. In addition to the card packets (which are free with every $20 purchase at Woolworths) children can broaden their understanding of countries and unlock free digital content using the Interactive World Map (RRP$1) and free downloadable Zappar app. 

Our favourite find from the Zappar app is the FOOD FUN activity.
My boys absolutely loved getting their fingers dirty (literally and figuratively speaking) preparing real life lunch boxes from the World Explorer Lunch recipes. Woolworths have made it incredibly easy to replicate a lunch box from around the globe with an online ingredient list that can be shopped directly via the Zappar app (redirects to Woolworths online shopping = genius!) There's also a step–by-step method and imagery to ensure you nail your exotic dish.

Japanese cuisine was the winner on this occasion; my boys couldn't go past Salmon mini rolls served with a side of cheese, pear and seaweed crackers. Delish!   

Whilst ‘globetrotting’, my boys have also acquired some handy navigational skills and can now read grid line coordinates! #winning (each explorer sticker lists coordinates which correspond to their matching country – it’s a huge buzz for the kids to place a character on their map!)

Happy cooking and exploring! 
C x

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