The recent arrival of our fourth little boy Salesi prompted me to look into updating our family portrait.  But where to start? There are literally hundreds of studio's in Melbourne offering family portraiture!

 I did my research and discovered Verve Portraits, one of Australia's leading portrait photography studios. After browsing their online gallery, I felt confident that Verve would deliver a high quality, luxurious finished product to enhance our home space.  

Verve's tagline "celebrate your life through art" rings true in every aspect of the Verve experience. From our initial over-the-phone consultation with a Verve stylist, to selecting our final art work, a strong emphasis is placed upon showcasing what's uniquely you.

From the moment we entered the modern Surrey Hills studio we received the VIP treatment.  Champagne on arrival (for him) and a strong latte (for her) helped ease nerves whilst we discussed our vision with our photographer. Meanwhile the children familiarisled themselves with their new surroundings and the Verve team before shooting got underway.

Our principal photographer, Sey, is a true master of her craft. She had all three boys instantly on-side (her batman socks may have helped!) and made us all feel extremely comfortable and confident on set. The 90 min photography session allowed plenty of time to shoot a mix of individual and group shots, change outfits and factor in a breastfeed for a hungry 4 month old! At the conclusion of our shoot the boys were treated to hot chocolates and marshmallow - no complaints there!

A week later, David and I returned to the studio for our cinematic viewing experience - or date night as we referred to it (we don't get out much!) 
As we watched our images appear on the large screen, you couldn't wipe the smiles from our faces. The lighting, editing and overall presentation exceeded both our expectations, making it almost impossible to shortlist favourites!. We selected a couple of fun prints for the boys rooms and play room and modern portrait to display in a living zone. 

We hope you enjoy our digital album

C x

p.s - feedback is always welcomed in the comments section below...I promise we don't bite! (with the exception of a teething Salesi)

We decided to create our own superhero poster to compliment the boys Marvel themed play / study space. The boys hero portraits will be proudly displayed in their bedrooms. 


Interested in creating your own unique wall art to last a lifetime? Verve studios are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

For more details and to view their online gallery, head to