My Mother's Day Moment

It’s almost the most magical day of the year - Mother’s Day!
A day when partners and children go that "extra mile" to show how much they love you and appreciate all that you do. A day when breakfast is served bedside, coffee is consumed hot (unheard of), home duties are ignored and indulgence is encouraged. Being the only female in our household, I’m quite accustomed to being treated as “a Queen” but on this particular day, I completely relinquish all responsibilities and soak up the love! 

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate a mother’s love; a love with no boundaries, a connection unlike any other, a bond unbreakable. For me it’s also a time to reflect and give thanks. For good health, good fortune and the beautiful family we have created. I also spare a thought for those who find this day particularly difficult; those who have lost a mother or child, those longing to become parents and those experiencing hardship. 

This year my Mother’s Day will be a series of moments shared with my boys. Our day usually starts quite early with pots and pans clinking in the kitchen while I remarkably manage to remain fast asleep, unsuspecting of the hot breakfast being made with love. We then dress head-to-toe in PINK and take part in the Mother’s Day Classic, a 4km walk which raises funds for Breast Cancer research. It’s our little family tradition which I adore, not only for the charitable aspect, but also because it facilitates some of the sweetest conversations (4km at a 4 year old pace = ample talking time!)

Depending on the weather, lunch is usually a casual affair, in a park or cafe, spent enjoying one another’s company. It’s also the time when presents are presented - the most exciting element of the day for the boys. 

Each year my husband places on emphasis’ on the “thought that counts” behind gift giving and encourages our boys to each select a gift they think mum would appreciate. To ensure I don’t end up with 16 packets of Pokemon cards and a batgirl costume (I’m more a wonder woman fan), a little gentle intervention is necessary!

This year I’ve designed a “Mummy’s Gift Guide” with the help of our preferred gifting and hosting centre, Vicinity Centres. The gift guide contains 16 ‘potential gifts’ with store details listed, to help make their “boys shopping day out” a little more enjoyable and time efficient (4 and 6 year olds can be quite indecisive in shopping centres)

With 73 local Vicinity Centre’s offering Mother’s Day gifts, there’s bound to be a few extra surprises in my gift bag too (no complaints here!) To find your nearest gifting hub, click here 

Here’s my Mother’s Day Gift Guide - all available at your local Vicinity Centre - and some heartwarming words from my four little loves about their gifting choices……


What I enjoy doing most with mum ….
shopping for toys, going out and seeing new things, playing footy outside and drawing Pokemon.

Words to best describe my mum ….
caring, sharing, kind, nice, cool, fun, “makes me excited when we do stuff”, pretty smart. 

My mum is special to me because .... Mum’s special to me because she looks after me, give us healthy food and is my best person (equal with dad.)

The gift I selected for mum this Mother’s Day ….. a Fitbit.
I think mum will love this because she loves being fit and wants to start running again when she has time. We all have junior Fitbits, so we can all run together. She can use it to count her steps at the Mother’s Day Classic. I think I’ll do more steps than her as I have smaller legs.



What I enjoy doing most with mum ….
playing sports outside and giving her a kiss and hug.

Words to best describe my mum ….
beautiful, wonderful, caring, sharing, patient, loving, funny, cute, cool, a good person, pretty, smart, strong, playful, nice and “just takes care of things".

My mum is special to me because ....
she made me, she believes in me and she makes me smile. She makes me laugh a lot because she is pretty funny and she loves me and I love her to the moon and back. Done. 

The gift I selected for mum this Mother’s Day …. a tea cup and a candle. 
I picked a tea cup for mum because she drinks a lot of coffee ...and sometimes tea. Now she can think of me when she drinks it. 
I brought her a candle because it’s gold and pretty and smells good. I hope it smells like coffee because my mum really likes coffee, and I like the smell of it too. When I grow up I’m going to drink coffee with my mum.


What I enjoy doing most with mum .... 
playing Avengers and Batman Imaginext toys together

Words best to describe my mum ....
kind, cuddly, “kissey", funny and uses her manners all the time.

My mum is special to me because …. 
she makes me happy and gives me bandaids

The gift I selected for mum this Mothers’s Day… a make up bag
I think mum will love her makeup bag because her makeup is a bit messy and she can now take it out with her; to Zia Lisa’s house or anywhere. 


(interpreted by Daddy) 

What I enjoy doing most with mum ....
being permanently attached to her hip and gazing up at her. Basically just being in her presence and admiring her brilliance.

My mum is special to me because ….
she is the centre of my universe and tends to my every need ….. day or night. Those ‘needs’ range from cuddles to shadowing my every move, to an episode of Dora the Explorer at 3am. Nothing is too much trouble. 

The gift I selected for mum this Mother’s Day ….. a backpack
I think it'll be useful as she always has so many things to carry (diapers, wipes, snacks) and needs both her hands free to carry me! 

A big thank you to Lisa Frieling for capturing our family picnic so beautifully.

Wishing you all a magical Mother's Day on Sunday May 14th,

C x