The New Trailblazer; fit for a Tribe

It's been almost 8 months since our tribe of five transformed into a tribe of six.....however we're yet to upgrade our wheels to accommodate our newest member! I know what you're thinking, "Do you take two cars whenever you head out as a family?" and the short answer is "Yes."
You see, up until now we've rarely ventured out as a full family unit due to hubby's work commitments, Melbourne's miserable weather and Salesi's 2 hourly nap routine. However as we head into spring and holiday season, that's all about to change! 

Purchasing a new car is not a decision my husband or I take lightly;  after all it's going to transport our four VIPs on a daily basis ...and it's a big bloody investment! 
The highest safety rating, adequate space and comfort are our non-negotiables, closely followed by the overall aesthetic of the vehicle (let's be honest, as mums we spend A LOT of time playing taxi, waiting in driveways for sleepy infants and cruising through drive thru's, so it's important to do so in style!) Engine capacity, horsepower and torque (may or may not have googled those terms) are also important, but not deal breakers.  

When I initially heard a new 7 seater was about to enter the market my ears pricked up. In the final 2 months of my pregnancy, my husband and I basically took every 7 seater SUV on the market for a spin - nesting hormones were in overdrive! There were a couple of models which impressed, however more often than not I felt the cars were either too bulky, difficult to control on the road, lacking in boot space or just plain ugly! So we decided to put our search on hold and revisit things after our bundle of joy arrived.

A few weeks back I received what can only be described as 'the opportunity of a lifetime'. An invitation to travel to a gorgeous coastal location ( A-L-O-N-E ), eat amazing food prepared by 2016 MKR winners Tasia and Gracia, workout with The X Factor Host Jason Dundas and take part in a scenic drive behind the wheel of the Holden Trailblazer, the newest 7 seater SUV to take Australia by storm. The timing felt like fate. We had recently moved house, I was running on empty, Salesi was almost completely weaned and my husband had a couple of days in-lieu up his sleeve. The offer to escape the daily grind and constant responsibility of four little people PLUS find out more about a vehicle that could be "the one" for our growing family was an offer too good to refuse.

I could easily rave on all day about the interiors of Halcyon House, Jason Dundas' washboard abs and the off-road capabilities of the car made for family adventure -  but I  know your time is precious - so instead I'll leave you with some amazing photography by Esteban La Tessa and a few key facts about the frontrunner for the Rodan Tribe's new ride.... 

+ Designed by mum of two Amelinda Watt and her team of engineers who know the importance of a smooth drive and understand the space requirements of a large family (Girl Power!)  
+ Holds a 5-star ANCAP safety rating (highest possible rating)

+ Formally known as the Colorado 7, renamed and redesigned with added luxury and a new sleek look to meet the style standards of even the fussiest soccer mum. 

+ Features an eight inch colour touchscreen complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone protection technology (which I'm sure my tech savvy 4yo could navigate) 


Big thanks to Holden Australia, Romano Beck and Halcyon House for your hospitality and amazing memories. C x 

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