Tomasi Aces his Tennis Hot Shots debut

It’s been a big couple of weeks in the Rodan household with our third child Tomasi serving up another milestone - his first Tennis Hot Shots lesson! After three years of patiently waiting on the sidelines (and sometimes not so patiently!) he’s finally joined his big brothers on the courts and couldn’t be happier. Getting our children playing tennis from an early age is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Not only are they learning a skill that they can continue to play into adulthood, they’re also socialising in new circles, keeping physically active, sharpening their hand-eye coordination and having a great time while doing so!  

Tevita was basically the same age as Tomasi (5 years) when he attended his first Hot Shots session in 2014. Being our first born, he was a little less outgoing and adventurous when it came to trying new activities and thrived on a structured routine. From the very beginning the accredited coaches identified this and worked with Tevita to help him step outside his comfort zones, mingle with new friends and foster a love of tennis. Of course Maikeli (who is 15 months Tevita’s junior) HAD to be by his brothers side, so we enrolled our eager 4 year old as well! He took to tennis like a duck to water….a very talkative duck.  

Tevita and Maikeli, like most 3 to 5 year olds, had little to no experience when they started their coaching in the Blue Stage. Its here where beginners learn the fundamentals of tennis in a fun and engaging setting - usually delivered (disguised) in a series of games and activities. Tennis terminology, stances, grips and movements were all covered from very early on and become second nature to the children. Improving hand-eye coordination, building confidence in their skill ability and making new friends were also perks of the program. 

After roughly 12 months of weekly sessions in the Blue Stage, the boys progressed to the Red Stage of the Hot Shots program, generally aimed at 5 to 8 year olds. It’s here the boys really built upon their foundation skills and the knowledge obtained in the Red stage. Playing on smaller courts with modified equipment also enhances the learning experience and ensures all kids experience success - which is so vital in keeping them motivated! 

Currently my seven and eight year old are in the Orange Stage; it’s here they continue to refine their skills and learn important components of match play. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see how far they’ve come in such a short space of time and how much they enjoy their time on the tennis courts.  Their rally’s are so exciting, their serving continues to improve and their ability to move around the court and anticipate their oppositions next move is a credit to their coaches fantastic insights. 

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program is unique in that siblings or friends can jump right in and start playing tennis, no matter what their age or skill ability. The coaches take a child centred approach, ensuring every participant experiences success and builds upon their individual skill set. 

Its incredibly easy to get your little one playing tennis - simply head to the Tennis Hot Shots website enter your postcode and click “find a venue.” You’ll then be presented with a club coach contact details for all your local tennis clubs offering the Hot Shots program. Once you touched base with your preferred club coach and organised a trial session, jump online and register your little star to receive loads of benefits - like a free hot shots tee and chance to play on court at the Australian Open! 

I hope by sharing our experiences with the Tennis Hot Shots program we’ve answered some questions and inspired you to consider tennis as a lifelong sport for your little one. 

Click here to find your nearest Tennis Hot Shots club! 

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