In the lead up to next Sunday's Run Geelong, I thought i'd be fitting to chat with Run Australia's Ambassador Joel Selwood, who also happens to be an AFL superstar and one of the nicest humans you'll ever meet.
I was also keen to hear his take on growing up in a male dominant household (one of 4 boys) and how his mother survived their early years. Of course I added a few fashion questions in there for good measure! 

As one of four boys, can you tell us what it was like growing up in the Selwood household? 

Hectic! Poor mum to say the least – no, only joking! It was great fun; I basically had 3 best mates, although we are all super competitive so we didn’t always act like best mates! My younger brother Scott and I are only 22 months apart, so we grow up doing most things together. We were all sports- mad, we played footy, basketball, tennis, basically anything that involved competition and a ball, we played it. Every night of the week there was always something on!
We grew up in Bendigo in Regional Victoria, which actually happens to be a huge sporting region, so it was only natural for us to be involved in every sport possible. When I look back on it, I guess weekends for us would have been considered pretty crazy. Four active boys, all playing sports, different friendship circles and social gatherings we would want to attend, however at the time it was just normal, that's all we knew. 

Your (SUPER)mum Maree was awarded the AFL Mother of the Year in 2005, is there any advice you can give us MOBs (mothers of boys) about surviving and thriving in a male dominant household? What would you say are your mum’s best attributes/practices when dealing with so much testosterone? 

She is a supermum! She always taught us to be generous and kind, which are such important qualities in life. Mum has always managed to have the ability to devote quality time to each one of us boys, which is why we all have such an incredible bond with her. If dad was interstate watching Adam or Troy play footy, then mum was home with Scott and I, or vice versa. She has always managed to play such a vital role in our lives. 


As a child, were you or any of your brothers interested in fashion? Did your mum ever embrace “twinning” (dressing you all identically) or did you select your own outfits? 

Not really... growing up in regional Vic I think Target was the trendiest clothing we could get. Also being the 3rd brother, it was more common for me to receive Adam & Troy’s hand me downs. We were always rough & getting dirty, ripped holes in clothes, or losing them, so mum probably couldn’t justify spending money on trendy clothing! Plus what was available when I was a boy is nothing compared to the selection of clothing available for boys these days.... fashion has come a very long way since my teen days in Bendigo! 

Nowadays, who is the most fashionably forward sibling …and who requires the most help in the wardrobe department? 

Definitely me! No, we are all just typical boys I guess and dress for comfort rather than fashion. Of course we always try to dress to impress when it comes to a special event or significant occasion. 

Going by Joel's recent outings,  he's definitely acquired a refined sense of style since his early days in Bendigo...partner Brit Davis may have a hand in this! 

 Run Geelong is happening next SUNDAY and set to be bigger and better than ever.  Can you tell us about your role is as an Ambassador and what you’ll be doing come November 22 to support this great community initiative? 

I’ve been an ambassador for Run Geelong for six years now and it is an event that is extremely close to my heart. As I mentioned, I grew up in regional Victoria and now obviously live in Geelong, so supporting an event which gives back 100% to regional communities was a no-brainer for me. 
Throughout the campaign I work pretty closely with the Run Australia team to create awareness for the event, drive registrations and to be honest, I just try to help out wherever possible. The campaign always falls at the end of season, so it works well as it allows me to be able to dedicate quite a lot of time and energy into it.

When it comes to event day, I always take part in the 6km walk, there are always plenty of familiar faces participating in that particular event, so it’s great to do it with them and have a good chat along the way. 

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